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Meeting quality requirements with certainty

The range of required examination methods as well as the expectation of the quality of the results is very large in analytical laboratories. The effects of false results can have serious consequences. For example, wrong results can be of great importance when treating patients. We all expect that our water, food, medicines and clothing will not harm us. Many laboratories are subject to legal requirements. Incorrect measurement results can lead to high recourse claims for these. An analytical laboratory must therefore produce reliable analytical results according to defined specifications. Analytical methods must be validated, safely transferred to new laboratories and quality assured through continuous monitoring.

Support from the market leader for method availability

Quality assurance laboratory software with experience
For more than 30 years VALIDAT has been supporting our customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical or biotechnical industry, in petrochemistry, materials testing or in the automotive sector in their quality assurance tasks in the laboratory. As an established platform, VALIDAT gives laboratory staff the certainty of reliably meeting the quality requirements in analysis. For this purpose, the laboratory software VALIDAT uses a wide range of mathematical and statistical functions, furthermore the storage of all structured and unstructured data in the database, which represents the complete and optimised workflow, from planning to comprehensive reporting and evaluation. The full 21 CFR Part 11 conformity is of course maintained, and the VALIDAT laboratory software also avoids additional work due to unnecessary measurements. Experience has shown that the effort for these tasks can be reduced by approx. 70 %.

From the smallest laboratory with only a few employees to an international group with more than a thousand laboratories, VALIDAT has proven itself in practice regarding quality assurance.


  • The market-leading solution for method validation (line break please)
  • 70% of time and cost savings
  • Certified quality for all types of validation of analytical methods
  • Method validation according to DIN/ISO/EP/USP/JP/ICH/FDA
  • Full 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Safe solution with certified quality

The VALIDAT quality assurance laboratory software is developed according to the strict regulations of the quality management system of iCD. The following principles of quality assurance are of primary importance to us:

  • A high user orientation, which consistently reflects the requirements of daily laboratory practice
  • A clever organised and automated workflow that supports and significantly simplifies various types of the internal quality control
  • Reliable compliance with all necessary standards and directives

Quality assurance through interfaces

VALIDAT can be easily integrated into your laboratory infrastructure due to its secure interfaces, which simplifies your workflows, from planning a project, distributing tasks, taking measurements via files, from measuring devices or applications (e.g. LIMS), to evaluation and report distribution.

  • The market leading solution for method validation
  • 70% savings in time – and costs
  • Certified quality for all types of validation of analytical methods


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