VALIDAT interlaboratory test laboratory software

Quality assurance through interlaboratory comparisons
In addition to method validation, method transfer or analytical and measurement equipment monitoring, interlaboratory comparisons are also considered an element of quality assurance. Here, identical samples with known contents are measured in different laboratories (internal or external) and the measurement results are compared with each other. Statements about the measuring accuracy, the quality of the laboratories involved and the usability of the procedure/method are then possible. Accredited testing laboratories must regularly participate in interlaboratory comparisons according to the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard or within the scope of state approval procedures in order to prove that they also deliver the expected quality of measurement results. But also within a company, where for example equivalent products are produced and tested in different countries or companies, interlaboratory tests are necessary for continuous quality assurance.

Planning interlaboratory tests with VALIDAT
Planning interlaboratory comparisons, distributing the information / samples to the participating laboratories, tracking deadlines, collecting measurement results and evaluating them with graphics and statistically, preparing and distributing reports, involves a considerable amount of work. The sources of error in the procurement and distribution of information are extremely diverse. The interlaboratory test laboratory software VALIDAT, especially in connection with the LIMS LABS/Q®, facilitates these extensive tasks considerably. Due to the automatic processes of planning, task distribution, measurement result acquisition and transfer, furthermore the monitoring of deadlines and status up to the automatic, statistical and graphical evaluation and assessment as well as the report generation and distribution, the effort for the execution of a proficiency testing project with VALIDAT is reduced to a minimum.

Efficiency and security

Processing of samples and feedback of measurement results
In the laboratories concerned, the samples are processed according to the specifications, the measured values are determined, and the measurement results are passed on to VALIDAT. The measurement results can be processed via interfaces or recorded manually. Deadline and completeness monitoring are done in VALIDAT.

Planning and distributing tasks
In VALIDAT interlaboratory comparison projects can be created based on templates or information from the LIMS (e.g. LABS/Q®). The corresponding data are then sent to the participating laboratories, e.g. by e-mail. In connection with the LIMS LABS/Q® the samples (specimens) are additionally created, labelled and, together with a corresponding accompanying letter, sent to the laboratories.

Calculation, analysis and reporting
Once all results are available, the calculation, evaluation and assessment of the measurement results is carried out. Afterwards the report generation and distribution can take place.

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