VALIDAT Drug Release Laboratory Software

Manage your dissolution data with VALIDAT

Requirements for the release of medicines
Release tests of pharmaceutical products are carried out to predict the bioavailability of an active substance during the development of a new dosage form, stability testing and quality control. The design, implementation, analysis, evaluation and reporting are very extensive and time-consuming. Information is collected by automatic release machines and analytical devices and evaluated in context and prepared graphically. A central documentation is especially important for later research and for the comparison of the data.

Our software solution VALIDAT
The dissolution module of the VALIDAT laboratory software provides extensive functionalities for planning and manual as well as automatic acquisition of measurement data. These data can be measurement data from automatic release machines or measuring devices and systems, but also calculations and evaluations (e.g. expansion of the scope of the experiment), statistical evaluation and graphic visualisation of the data or reporting and documentation of release experiments. This also includes the calculation of all relevant parameters, including the f1-/f2 values for profile comparison.

The individual studies on drug release are available in a comparison database, which allows fast and flexible research and the compilation of comparison projects in the drug release laboratory software.

Your advantages at a glance

Transfer of existing data
Your data does not have to be lost. Via an import function, your old data stocks can also be transferred to the central database.

Central documentation
Investigation data of drug release (dissolution) as well as data from development, stability testing and quality control are documented centrally and uniformly, regardless of the equipment and analytical methods used. The corresponding documents are also archived in the DMS.

Simple and secure transfer of measurement data
Manual transmission errors are impossible, as the data from VALIDAT are automatically transferred, whether directly from the release machines (e.g. WinSOTAX), from measuring systems such as Agilent UV-VIS devices (e.g. Cary UV-Vis), from CDS systems (Waters Empower, Thermo-Fisher Chromeleon, Agilent EZChrom, etc.) or from a LIMS (e.g. LABS/Q®).

Uniform evaluation and evaluation
In VALIDAT, evaluations and evaluations of the results are always carried out directly and correctly on the basis of the validated processes and functions.

Report generation
On the basis of report templates of the VALIDAT laboratory software, uniform release reports are generated and documented in the DMS. The document can be printed, exported in the formats .rtf, .doc or .html and displayed as .pdf file.

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