VALIDAT - Laboratory Software - Quality Assurance

VALIDAT - Requirement

In more than 20 years VALIDAT has established itself as the market-leading software solution for efficient method validation. Today VALIDAT supports our customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnical industry, in petrochemistry, material testing or in the automotive sector in validation documentation in compliance with regulations: reliably, professionally and safely. Of course, VALIDAT also fulfils the demand for full 21 CFR Part 11 conformity.

VALIDAT - Infrastructure

VALIDAT can be easily integrated into the infrastructure of your company and into your workflows. Installation in a private cloud is just as possible as installation in a public cloud. Measuring instruments and other applications can be connected at any time. An interface to LIMS LABS/Q® is also available.



VALIDAT - Method Validation

VALIDAT is primarily and ideally suited to validate analytical methods in a simple and very efficient way. As the market-leading method validation laboratory software, VALIDAT supports you with its sophisticated and comprehensive functionality in method validation; from planning a validation project to automatic evaluation and reporting.

VALIDAT - Method Transfer

A method transfer is required if tests are to be transferred to other internal or external analytical laboratories. Otherwise, there are always problems with the comparability of the results. VALIDAT supports you in the transfer of methods by means of stored templates, so that the method transfer can even be planned automatically at the affected laboratories.

VALIDAT - Ring Tests

Interlaboratory comparisons are an extremely important element of quality assurance in the laboratory, especially when equivalent products have to be produced and tested in different countries or companies. To check the expected quality, interlaboratory tests can be planned across different laboratories with VALIDAT and the samples required for this can be sent to the participating laboratories. VALIDAT collects the results of the measurements, including the monitoring of dates and status, as well as the automatic statistical and graphical evaluation of the results and the generation and distribution of reports.

VALIDAT - Drug Release

 Release testing of pharmaceutical products to predict the bioavailability of an active ingredient is essential in the pharmaceutical industry. The dissolution module of the VALIDAT laboratory software enables the planning of these projects as well as the acquisition of measured values from automatic release devices and analytical instruments. But also the necessary calculations and evaluations, the statistical evaluation and visualisation of the results, furthermore the reporting and documentation of the release experiments are made possible with the dissolution module.


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