Optimal LIMS solution for research & development

TITAN R&D uses customisable workflows and business processes to enable users to conveniently manage laboratory tasks, track samples, change sample conditions, trigger alerts and query any data in the system for presentation in dashboards and reports. TITAN R&D also enables users to efficiently manage, track, query and organise laboratory and instrument data and provides fast, real-time access that facilitates automated reporting.


  • Highly configurable
  • All labels and labels are customizable to your nomenclature
  • Extensive measuring instrument connection for automatic measurement transfer
  • Can be adapted to your specific requirements
  • Supports configurable workflows for optimal sample handling and tracking
  • Display of arbitrary data and representations via dashboard and reports

Additional features of TITAN R&D:

  • Fully scalable for both larger laboratories and smaller local operations; adapts to any size of business
  • Highly configurable, feature-rich and stable industry-specific packages available
  • Designed for organizations with the goal of standardizing operations at multiple sites
  • Customizable dashboards make it easy to manage laboratory business
  • The Add-On Development Suite includes a Workflow Designer to manage business rules, a View Designer to customise the interface, an Artifact Designer to extend the database schema and a Report Writer for easy data translation – Designed, developed and supported within an ISO 9001 environment
  • Leverages Microsoft ClickOnce deployment for easy installation and updating
  • Can be integrated into numerous business packages such as accounting, SCADA, SAP and others
  • Service-oriented architecture using open XML standards such as WSDL and SOAP enables integration with a wide range of external systems
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