LABS/QM - Our SAP Middleware Lab Software


  • LABS/QM realises a paperless laboratory
  • Direct connection of measuring instruments and systems to SAP QM
  • Web service-based interfaces
  • Increased efficiency due to high degree of automation
  • Supports Industry 4.0
  • Supports IoT

Middleware for connecting SAP QM to the laboratory equipment level

SAP Middleware laboratory software for the step to Industry 4.0
SAP ERP is in use in almost all chemical/petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. With the QM module, it fulfils numerous functionalities that were previously reserved for classic LIMS and CAQ systems. However, the SAP PLM QM module does not offer any possibilities for a direct connection to the laboratory equipment level and, especially in the case of more extensive investigations (e.g. GC, HPLC, ICP, XRF, etc.) and in a regulated environment, it comes up against acceptance limits. The manual transmission of measured values already available in electronic form thus leads to considerably more effort and errors. With regard to developments such as IoT or Industry 4.0, the availability of complete measurement data including raw data is also desired and of outstanding importance, especially in the case of vertical integration.

Our software solution LABS QM
As an SAP partner we also successfully support customers in the SAP environment. For example, we support the customer in the configuration of the SAP PLM QM module, in the creation and adaptation of function modules, and we also train the customer in the use of the QM module. Furthermore, the SAP middleware LABS/QM of iCD Sytem offers optimal functionalities to connect any measuring instruments and measuring systems directly to the SAP QM. In addition to the automatic connection of measuring devices a mobile possibility for manual recording of measuring data is provided.

SAP Middleware Laboratory Software to increase efficiency
The middleware also offers the possibility of recording and archiving supplementary information, such as the use of all measuring instruments used as well as chemicals with quantity as well as images, evaluations etc., right down to the raw data of the measuring instruments. This enables a GxP/FDA compliant workflow. In addition, the middleware LABS/QM also increases the degree of automation in the laboratory and thus contributes significantly to an increase in efficiency of the employees and a resulting cost reduction of the whole laboratory workflow. The company iCD System has interfaces certified by SAP (see current SAP certificate). These web service interfaces can be adapted to the actual requirements by simple configuration. The LABS/QM middleware can be used both as a stand-alone solution and in the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) with the HANA database. Especially when using HCP and HANA database, all information up to the raw data is available for evaluation.

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