LABS/Q – The flexible LIMS  

  laboratory information software  

The flexible LIMS laboratory information software - LABS/Q®


  • Applications in the process industry:
    pharmaceutical and biotech, chemical and petrochemical industry and many more
  • Support of the entire laboratory process including the entire laboratory management
  • Time and cost savings
  • Laboratory staff can concentrate on their actual tasks and objectives
  • Protects from time consuming, error-prone routine work through automated planning, creation of laboratory orders (formulations/tests), manual / automated recording of measured values and calculation of results, including result evaluation and distribution of reports/certificates
  • Significantly better use of existing resources
  • Significant reduction of processing times
  • Increased efficiency of collaboration within the laboratories and with partners through automation and transparency
  •  Avoidance of complaints
  • Accelerated development/improvement of products

Our quality management software for your requirements

IT – Support essential
The employees of analytical laboratories fulfil a wide range of different tasks. Those tasks and work processes can differ greatly in terms of organisation and the operational environment (R&D, quality control, environment, service laboratory, etc.). However, it is generally expected that the work processes are effectively and optimally supported by a LIMS.

Laboratories usually generate a wealth of digital data and nowadays even small laboratories require IT support, as most laboratory equipment and methods provide a lot of measurement raw data and also subsequent processed data like evaluation of results.

The flexible LIMS laboratory information software
Since the foundation of the iCD. in 1986 the LIMS LABS/Q® has been continuously developed in accordance with customer, regulatory and IT requirements.

Our laboratory information software LABS/Q® has established itself as a robust and extremely flexible system due to the possibility of a very easy to achieve, industry-specific orientation as well as the high degree of automation, especially in the process industry (pharmaceutical & biotech, chemical & petrochemical, food and beverage, cosmetics, automotive etc.), in associated contract laboratories but also in official laboratories.

LIMS LABS/Q® can automate processes and save costs
The LABS/Q® laboratory information software supports the laboratory through processing of analytical tests, from the preparation of offers, planning, sampling and sample management, sample preparation, testing, calculation/evaluation and decision of use, to the generation of reports and invoices and statistical evaluation.

However, also test and measurement equipment monitoring, shelf life and stability tests, hygiene and environmental monitoring as well as the entire laboratory management, e.g. capacity and time scheduling, documentation of training courses and also warehouse management are comfortably supported and simplified by LABS/Q® LIMS.

Important aspects are also the LABS/Q® connection to measuring instruments as well as the central storage of data from individual devices in the laboratory on a central database which in turn can communicate with external applications such as ERP systems (SAP), MES, DCS, CRM of the companies/customers.

LABS/Q® is our flexible laboratory software for Industry 4.0

The new trend towards Industry 4.0 / Laboratory 4.0
Based on economic observation and due to legal requirements, laboratories can no longer escape the digital transformation towards Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 stands for the complete digitalisation of work processes, a horizontal and vertical integration into the company as well as the evaluability of the information which arises in the value-added chain of a company.

LABS/Q® – our industry 4.0 software for the future
Our software platform LABS/Q® provides all company levels, laboratory areas and locations with information and functions as industry 4.0 tailored software for the respective requirements. It is based on the experience of our customers and employees which have been incorporated into software development for more than 30 years. We focus on the horizontal and vertical integration of business processes/information via various interface.


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