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Your tasks and requirements
The manifold laboratory tasks of authorities (e.g. environmental protection, food safety and health), but also of utilities (e.g. drinking water and energy), despite their differences, should be controlled by a LIMS – from sampling to documentation of the test and the results. It must be possible to transfer test requirements to the LIMS either manually or via interfaces, which must then directly trigger further test planning. Sample taking and examinations adapted to the requirements should be suggested but also be able to be manually changed or confirmed by authorised users. The processing of the tests should be automated as far as possible in order to achieve reliable results. Evaluations and reports based on these results should be generated and forwarded mainly automatically or supplemented and edited manually as required by the respective inspection order.

Our laboratory software for your needs
The products in our diverse range can support authorities in their tasks and save time and money. Are you looking for the right software for your laboratory? Please contact us, we will be happy to advise and support you in finding the best solution for your specific problem (contact to iCD).

Our software solutions at a glance
In the following you will find out in which tasks the offered products can support you and save time and costs :

  • Graphical and statistical evaluations, reports (LABS/Q)
  • Hygiene Monitoring (UWS)
  • Environmental Monitoring (UWS)

Laboratory software for the special government laboratory tasks

Our laboratory software helps you to protect the environment and citizens
A large number of authorities are involved in all areas of implementation of legal requirements, which also serve to protect citizens and the environment. These are mainly the areas of environment and health, agriculture, forestry and nature conservation, recycling management, soil protection and water management as well as other areas of responsibility.

Typical tasks of the supervisory authorities are not exhaustive:

  • Food monitoring
  • Immission and Emission Protection
  • Water management, water protection
  • Wastewater (municipal, industrial and commercial)
  • Waste and residues, landfills
  • Soil protection and contaminated sites