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We are the specialists in laboratory software and provide a comprehensive product portfolio. This includes LIMS, laboratory automatisation, method validation, software connection of equipment, recipe optimisation, laboratory equipment administration, and much more.

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The proven LIMS solution
Labs/Q® is a universally applicable, exceptionally flexible system covering LIMS, LES as well as document management, raw data and archiving functionalities. These functionalities can be adapted to the respective workflows through simple configuration procedures. Masks and database tables can be individually extended and supplemented without complicating a future release upgrade. LABS/Q® supports several reporting tools (e.g. JasperReports, NiceLabel, Crystal Reports). Our software allows multilingualism not only for screen masks but also for data records, comfortable and versatile reporting and time zone support.  LABS/Q® can be used around the world and across all company sizes.


  • Highly configurable standard LIMS
  • Can be used across various locations and in all organisational sizes
  • Masks and database fields can be individually adapted and extended
  • True multilingualism of masks and data
  • Time zone support
  • Support for multiple reporting tools
  • Very wide range of functions


Our SAP Middleware Laboratory Software
The SAP Middleware LABS/QM offers the possibility to connect any measuring equipment and systems directly to SAP QM. Thus, a manual input of data is not necessary which eliminates the possibility of incorrect entries and enables a GxP/FDA compliant workflow. LABS/QM also increases the degree of automatisation in the laboratory, thus contributing significantly to an increase of employees’ efficiency and thereby to a cost reduction of the laboratory workflow.


  • Connection of measuring instruments and equipment groups to SAP QM
  • Significant added value for the chemical industry through integration of production and laboratory data to control product and process quality
  • Vertical integration for chemical production and quality management through the “Connected Lab” application Integration of laboratory data into the SAP Leonardo IOT platform
  • Evaluation of laboratory data with SAP Analytics Cloud


Our software for method validation VALIDAT guides you safely through the planning and execution of a validation (also in connection with LABS/Q®), including result evaluation and comprehensive report generation. You save a large part of your previous administrative and statistical work and at the same time you comply with the regulations of DIN, ISO, USP, FDA and ICH.

Partner products

The iCD also offers a product from our partner Advanced Technology Laboratories, Inc (ATL). This is titan R&D, a highly configurable LIMS solution for R&D. This product is also supported by iCD.

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